John Redhead

How to create a login prototype using a mock database in ProtoPie

The release of ProtoPie version 7.6, their high-fidelity, highly realistic interactive prototyping tool, has brought a range of new features that include QR code scanning and new text functions, namely regexextract, regexreplace and parseJson. If you want to see how I created a simple mock database and use the regextract and parseJson functions to create a […]

The importance of ‘Proof Reading’

I’ve got this big issue with proof reading everything, whether it’s in print or on the web. Why? Because it could have big implications for your clients if you don’t. A case in point is the Blue Bin collection calendars that we received one Tuesday morning from our local council. The accompanying letter of which […]

Stop Tinkering!

Why as web designers/web developers does it take so long to create our own web sites? There are 2 answers really to this question. The first is that our clients take precedence over our own web site and second we want it to be just right before showcasing it to the world. Not that we […]

Have you read the terms of your purchase

Every time I order something over the Internet I always make a copy of the terms and conditions, or frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). Why? Because your vendor may just change the goalposts. Let me explain. A few years ago I was buying a new camera. Nikon was offering a £50 cashback, by completing a printed-off […]

Complain if you have to, it might make you smile!

I recently ordered a new set of Pantone colour swatches, along with a GrafiLite, an expense I can ill afford, but a neccessity for accurate colour representation between design and print.  I searched the Internet as I always do for a reasonable price and found the product at Colour Stuff. The item I was looking […]